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Why Play Math Games?

Games are for all ages. In fact, games, when played in a good amount of time and in a healthy way, bring people together and encourage a lot of good qualities - sportsmanship, wholesome competitiveness, sensibility, and more. Most importantly, games bring a great deal of learning. The same is true with educational games like language-learning games and math-learning games. But why play math games? How is making one of the most challenging subjects as a student into a game fun?

Game-based learning - why it works and why a lot of students, parents and teachers love it.

Well, here's why...

Game-based learning is proven to have increased the ability of children, students, and even parents, to critically reason out, understand and solve problems or equations no matter the complexity. Furthermore, math games is a way for teachers and parents to keep today's children entertained and learning at the same time. Sometimes referred to as creative teaching.

Having said that, children show more enthusiasm and motivation to find creative solutions and accelerate towards their learning progress when playing educational games. Moreover, confidence and excitement start to further develop as the game progresses.

Believe it yet? Here’s what students have to say about it.

The resounding claim by children when it comes to games is how much fun they have in challenging games - whether it’s through an app or active outdoor game.

Learning-by-doing and having fun is an integral part of every child’s academic development. Unfortunately, despite the rate of knowledge-growth in game-based learning through apps and other methods, it is often times forgotten that learning should still be fun and engaging.

This is why our team developed an app called School Run. An interactive math app that will not only be helpful in supporting school-to-home learning connection, but also to create an impactful app that will serve as a learning hub for children, parents and teachers. With our algorithms, we use a pedagogy that allows adaptive learning within the app to produce a learning program that is tailored-fit to the child’s knowledge gap in math.

There are no other methods that will beat the persistence of hardworking parents and teachers for their children and students to ace those exams, but math games, like School Run and other traditional outdoor educational games, will be a great tool to enhance the learning and critical thinking abilities of today’s children. In any ways, what else is more precious than those shiny bright smiles that come off kids’ faces when they are having fun and fully engaged, right?

Article by School Run Team.

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