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School Run is a baby app ready and set to grow! Learn more about the app here.

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On your maths? Get set. Go! Learn more about the most fun and interactive math app here.

School Run is an edutainment app in its early stages. Our team is in the works on developing an app that will help children be at their bests when it comes to crunching numbers. We envision School Run to be an interactive math hub for students, parents, and teachers so they can all work as a team. Our mission is to empower children with academic confidence as they move up from elementary school, to middle school, to high school, and then to college. We also hope to change the educational system one day, too!

The method of teaching that we will leverage is through adaptive learning, which basically means that we will be using computer algorithms to address the specific individual needs of every learner. This also means that no child or any user of the app will be able to choose the kind of question that will show up on his/her screen. All questions will solely be based on what the learner needs to improve on. Thanks to the advanced technology that artificial intelligence has provided over the years!

Today, a beta version is available on the App Store and Google Play. We’re still in the process of testing designs, gameplays and listening to feedbacks. But soon enough, other features like parent-and-teacher dashboards will be available on the app to make the experience more fun and educational. Our team believes that our app will be a revolutionary mathematical resource!

On this website, we will write about the development of School Run, what we are doing to improve, and all about how you can make math a part of your daily lives. So stay tuned!

Would you like to be a part of this revolutionary app? Our team would love you to be part of the growth of School Run. You can do that by answering this short survey or click here.

Article by the School Run Team

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