• Education, entertainment and confidence in your own hands

    Fun and exciting math game designed to develop the mental math skills of children from first to sixth grade while having fun.

  • ADD

    confidence and strength to children's math skills in and out of the classroom


    diffidence, anxiety and intimidation from mental math calculation


    children's ability to crunch numbers any time and any where


    simultaneously master math, have fun, and socialize.







  • Empowering children with academic confidence

    School Run offers a fun and exciting mental math training from major arithmetic topics.

  • Developing crucial skills with innovative pedagogical methods

    With the unique approach to math, School Run helps develop critical thinking and arithmetic comprehension skills.

  • Designed to help 1st to 6th graders

    Developed with learners, teachers and parents, this comprehensive math game is designed based on the needs of school children to help them master arithmetic while socially having fun.


    Here is what teachers, parents and learners have to say about School Run.

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    Get the mobile app for free on the Google Play Store and App Store. School Run is free for all because we believe that education should be accessible to all.

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