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    Your privacy matters to us.
    Our Privacy Policy explains how School Run (jointly referred to as “we” or “us”) collects, uses, stores, shares and treats personal information, and/or anything related to our users that you decide to share with us. To be thorough, we define “Personal Information” as any and all information used to identify to you and/or any user.
    By clicking through our website, and/or using the application, you consent to the collection, transfer, changes, storage, and other uses of the information you will provide School Run as explained in this Privacy Policy.
    Should doubts, comments, suggestions and questions arise about this Privacy Policy and/or how your personal information is used, please contact School Run at You may also contact us at +33 6 34 42 50 56.
    With the development of new communication tools, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the protection of data privacy. That is why we are committed to respecting the confidentiality of the personal information we collect.
    As of January 31st 2019, School Run does not collect any personal information. The only information we gather is the user’s occupation, when a user fills out a suggestion form to help us collect feedback and suggestions. Secondly, only the login information (username & password), which is entered by the user in the game, is stored in our database to allow the player to have a unique identity for himself in the multiplayer mode.
    This data, defined above, which is transmitted to us by means of an automatic email, allows us to accordingly sort the said suggestions based on the occupation of the user as the only demographic information we collect.
    Some algorithmic data in the application may also be collected in order to obtain information about its use. This concerns the application and not the user.
    The only interactivity between the user and our team via the application is the suggestion form, which allows you to send a suggestion message to improve the application.
    No advertising or commercial incentives are present on our application.
    This Privacy Policy is subject to change. The latest version of the policy will be posted on the website of School Run.
    School Run may, occasionally and at its decision, revise and amend this policy anytime that our team believes is right to do so. Should updates and revisions be done, users will be informed by posting the latest version on the website of School Run.